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True Results - One Customer's Story

It's Gary from Pennsylvania. Hope your doing well. Just wanted to let you know Malina is AMAZING! I've done 14 services and not only is it faster than other treatments, the fragrance and no "cloud" are even better.  The other Malina products are phenomenal on their own and I have had no problem retailing the shampoo and conditioner for $40 each or $75 for the set because they are luxury products which work on their own. The smoothing serum is great. The feedback I have gotten has been all positive.  I have had no problem charging $475 per service and I include the shampoo and conditioner. One tip is our Curve Flat Irons work better than the Malina iron. They have longer plates and the tip of the curve is easier to get those little hairs around the hairline.  I am so glad you found Malina.  It's a terrific product line.  I will share a video of the process soon.